Wednesday, April 17, 2013


No, it has nothing to do with Hitchhiker's Guide. Not that you thought that, but I've already seen people making the same jokes and I felt like at least one person out there was going to expect me to do the same.

It's really not funny though, all it's really saying is "Oh, look at me, I can make a reference to that one book everyone has read, I'm so cool!"

Actually, now that I think about it, if anybody, seriously, ANYBODY is going to reference to that book, can we find new jokes to reference on? I remember actually referencing to that book on Facebook, and none of you guys seemed to recognize it because it didn't include the number 42. It's that same state of limbo that Portal seems to be stuck in now; it seems like the only "joke" people take out of that game is "The cake is a lie!" Forget the fact that there are actual funny jokes besides that one that's even funny out of context, maybe like how GLaDOS advises you not to listen to the Companion Cube if it starts talking.

Well, Don't Panic! The Universe wasn't sneezed out of the nose of a being called the Great Green Arkleseizure for nothing. Sure, you may be one of those people where if you stop talking then your brains might actually start to work, or maybe you're just afraid that if you're not talking about random pointless things in an extremely obnoxious then you'll accidentally transmit your thoughts, but you might as well be funny while you're doing it. Quit with the obvious things like "My, what a beautiful day" or "You're very tall" or "My God! You just fell down a fifty foot well. Are you alright?" and with that one obvious reference that nobody can seem to get right in the first place (42 isn't the meaning of life even in the book) and maybe be clever for once. Does this require a lot of effort on your part? Actually, none at all. And, coincidentally enough, none at all is exactly how much of me suspecting one of my friends actually being an alien, but, boy, wouldn't that be cool. And, actually, it may take some effort, but it's for the sake of actually not driving the whole legacy of Douglas Adams into a wall.

Anyways, on to the review of 42!

Yeah, it's alright.

42 hasn't really left that much of an impression on me. I've only seen this movie a couple of days ago, and I'm not even sure if I actually remember anything from it, other than that it actually made me enjoy baseball just a little bit while watching.

The movie follows the story of a young Jackie Robinson who becomes the first African American to break the color barrier in major league baseball. Jackie has to put up with people not liking him and the rest of his team have to accept Jackie as being a legitimate member. There are some racist jerks who are designed for the movie goers to hate so this thing called drama can happen in the film.

It's a very paint by numbers movie with it's main two purposes of making black people feel good and white people feel a little less racist. It's not going to have a major impact on anyone's life, but it's hard to imagine anyone walking away from this movie actively hating it unless you're one of those people that the movie depicted as being the worst possible kind of human being. But, if that were the case, I'd suggest that you jump in front of a train!

If anything, though, Harrison Ford is really fun to watch in this movie!

Other than that...there's not too much to talk about with 42. It's fine, it's enjoyable. So, let's just call this our soft gate-way movie before we have to put up with Oblivion.

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