Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back? Who would'a thunk?

It's a bit of a mystery as to why we're getting throw backs to action hero movies. We have this one, there were also the Expendables movies that were pretty terrible, and there's also a Stallone movie that's coming out as well. Well, the thing is, we don't really have any action heroes anymore. The only guy we have right now is James Bond, who only just recently started to being James Bond again. Almost ever other action movies has been pretty.....boring. In the action heroes' place, we now have superheroes.

I'm just going to blame this on The Bourne movies, because it feels like that's what a lot of action movies want to be anymore. Serious, action dramas with the shaky cam bullcrap that's been plaguing a lot of movies and anything that wants to try to be fun as an action movie will have people crying foul as it's "Not realistic" or "Cheesy" or "Silly" to all of which I have to guys just don't have a soul do you?

So, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to play as Arnold Schwarzenegger to fulfill the role as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To be fair this is actually a decent action movie. Yeah, it has problems. My biggest one is that the structure is off around the first half of the movie with it telling two stories. One story involves the FBI trying to capture a recently escaped drug cartel......guy while the other story is Arnold Schwarzenegger and friends waiting for something interesting to happen. It gives a bit of a disconnection to the story until the second half finally rolls along so we can understand why this movie is called The Last Stand, as Schwarzenegger's town is the last thing standing between the bad guy and his freedom.

The movie also likes to play with some of the most blatant and obvious tropes, but, I almost feel that was kind of the point though. It deals with a lot of "This is going to be important later", other wise known as Chekhov's Gun, and there's quite a bit of those in the movie. I guess it's why they kind of needed to tell the story this way so they can set up everything that happens in the second half.

So, after the movie covers everything it needs to in order to prepare for the big battle at the end of the movie, it is actually quite fun to watch. The action scene involves explosions, blood splatters, and, what else? Schwarzenegger pulling off one liners. It's pretty interesting though, as his one liners aren't really all that cheesy anymore. Ok, maybe a couple, but they aren't as over the top as I remember them from his previous movies. I think the people involved in this movie were worried that the audience would have groaned and left the theatre if a line like "He had to split" after somebody was cut in half. But, in this case, they may have been right.

Huh.....there really isn't all that much to say about this movie.

It's a decently fun movie and....that's about it. I'd recommend it, if only because there isn't that much else interesting happen during this month right now. It's fun, it's over the top, it's violent, and that's as much as I can hope for with a movie like this.

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