Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Side Effects

And, here we go! The first truly great movie of 2013. And it's by Soderbergh, a director who came out with another first great movie of the year of 2012(Haywire).

Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to talk about this movie without talking about the turns it takes into what makes it such a great movie. If you've managed to avoid the trailers or any other information about this movie, good! This is definitely one of those movies where you go in completely cold. So, I would advise you to stop reading this right now and just go watch the movie.

If you do feel like reading some more, then I won't spoil any of the turns this movie takes, but, you might as well stop reading anyway.

The movie starts off with that guy from 21 Jump Street getting released from jail after serving his time for insider trading. He comes home with his wife, Emily(being played by that girl from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), and everything is fine and happy now. Except, it's not, because Emily attempts suicide by driving into a wall in a garage parking lot.

Emily ends up in the hospital and she gets a visit from Watson from the Sherlock Holmes movies. Ok, fine, his name is actually Jonathon Banks. Anyways, Banks is a psychologist, and he tries to help out Emily. After a couple of the depressive phases that Emily goes through, she gets set up on these certain kind of drugs and.....that's where things start going into different directions that you're just going to have to see for yourselves.

What's totally great about this movie is how well directed it is, though, this is a Soderbergh movie, and he's pretty much been able to show real directing skills on pretty much everything he's done. His most recent movies are some titles you might recognize like Contagion and Haywire, though, his most notable movie from last year was Magic Mike. I haven't seen Magic Mike(maybe I'll see it, it's gotten really good reviews), but all of these movies are really different genres, and they've all been really good.

This time around, it's a psychological thriller, and it's a really good one. The actors put on some really good performances, but what I think what makes this film work is the cinematography that's used. Effective angles are used to project the emotional states that Emily is going through. One of the scenes that kind of spoke out to me was when Emily was being put through this sedative, and the movie focuses on the characters looking directly into the camera while asking Emily questions. It feels a bit awkward, but it's kind of meant to feel that way, making us feel how Emily feels before passing out.

I think I'll touch on this movie later, maybe a week or so to make sure that at least one person has seen this movie, but for now, just go see this movie. I heard on NPR that Soderbergh might be retiring after this movie, and I really don't want him to. It's only been a year since I've been fully appreciating him as a director, and it'd be a shame if he goes.

Regardless, though, this is a really, really good movie, and you should definitely check it out!

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